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Getting rid of the junk collected in your garage, side yard, or shed isn’t hard with The Junk Medics, but that’s not because we do things the easy way, we do it the right way. We make it our mission to handle waste ethically and responsibly, we don’t just provide a junk removal service to haul it all away. The Junk Medics removes the hassle and the clutter from your life but we also make sure that the junk doesn’t end up in an illegitimate landfill or any other illegal dumping site. Being mindful of our environment and our community, we are implementing systems to reduce our loads to landfills, put good reusable items back in the hands of the needy, and do the right thing when it comes to handling waste in an eco-friendly manner. 

We share the concern for increasingly evident environmental damage, especially in our sensitive waterways and coastal areas of San Diego and Southern California.  We identify our responsibility to minimize the impact we all have on our environment. That’s the reason we have made it our company’s mission to solve your junk removal challenges in the most environmentally friendly manner possible and help protect our environment. We have developed a supply loop to reuse important items by way of donations and shelters and to make as much waste available for recycling as possible. We ensure we solve your junk removal headaches with the industry’s most ethically sound decisions.

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Downsizing and decluttering a living space often becomes too strenuous for elderly loved ones and disabled citizens among us, especially during times of transition or moving of living locations. Simple tasks such as sorting and organizing their belongings also causes them physical and mental strain during what may already be a stressful situation. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The Junk Medics offers compassionate cleanouts to help the needy get their space back – cleaner and safer. From handling the heavy lifts to cleaning the unwanted clutter, we make sure to provide excellent and reliable junk removal services.   

Through our compassionate clean outs, we aim to create a better and more independent life for seniors by offering high-quality cleaning and organizing services. From lifting heavy weights to shifting sofas, from getting rid of your old typewriter to cleaning up your year’s accumulated yard debris – The Junk Medics support you all through the way! Providing more than a junk removal service, we offer the seniors a safe and stress-free experience to a clean and organized life. With a purpose to lead, help, and give back to the community, we make sure to deliver complete junk removal services in a timely and hospitable manner. 

We at, The Junk Medics, take great pride and responsibility in helping the ones in need through our sustainable junk removal services. Our team, led by professionally trained personnel aims to make a positive impact and sense of community through compassion and care. Offering you an extra pair of hands, free no obligation estimates, hand sorting and organizing of special items and clean property, The Junk Medics haul away your junk and dispose of it the correct way. Furthering our commitment to the ones in our community that need support the most, we also offer amazing discounts and promotions to Seniors and help them save time and money. 

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Here at the Junk Medics we’re always looking for an opportunity to give back to our La Mesa and greater San Diego County areas and organize and sponsor community clean-ups, help with illegal dumping spots, perform road side pick ups or assist in safety concerns on our freeways.  You can follow along with our email updates and sign up for our periodic emails on events, or ways to give back.  We always have something coming up that can help you, or a loved one.

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